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Asset Management 

Asset and Gage management can become an unintended full-time job. This is due in part to the many variables involved in their management. From physically tracking down the tools, manually checking their certification status, to the paperwork involved in sending them out for repair or calibration, this is a job for an automated vending machine.

Any items requiring specific calibration parameters in terms of cycles or days on-line are excellent candidates for one of FK's automated asset management solutions.

Using our system removes the manual tracking component of the process. Gages are kept securely in automated vending equipment and only released for use if they are within required calibration parameters.

Each item is logged out of the system using an employee specific username and password. Each transaction is assigned to the employee, from signing the tool/gage out, to returning it back to storage.

Benefits of Asset Management: 

  • No out of calibration tools or gages.
  • All tools within the scope of the program are compliant when used in production.
  • No wasted hours looking for misplaced tools or gages.
  • The user retains complete control over item additions, changes or deletions through a predefined process.
  • Access is controlled by item, department, employee, job, machine, etc. for complete inventory control.