F .K. Machinery is an authorized distributor of AutoCrib automated vending machines. For customers already AutoCrib Logoexperienced with automated vending, they know that the physical machine is only one element of the solution. The software and support are what really matters in this environment.

We have a number of successful installations in the field and our customers have experienced tremendous savings. In one instance the savings were in excess of 70% on safety PPE items alone. Our experience shows that our customers get the most impact by using these automated vending machines in conjunction with one or more of our other solutions such as our VMI program.

Automated Venting SolutionsWe make configuring and installation of each machine virtually seamless for the customer. We will handle the data collection and database setup as well as the bin configuration on behalf of the customer. We also oversee the actual installation of the machine on behalf of the customer.

Auto Crib Vending Machine 2Once installed, we provide front line technical support for customers who choose to manage their own machines but have questions regarding the software. We also provide direct support for customers that prefer us to manage any database changes in their machines for them. As well, we will help maintain the machine itself on a scheduled basis if required.

Product availability, product security, personnel accountability and usage reporting are some of the main benefits of automated vending machines.

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Auto Crib Vending Machine