Customer Connect (FK-Online)

FK-Online is our online ordering system that can be configured to suit your individual requirements. We are now on b2b-fkonlineour second generation of online ordering and many improvements have been made giving you even more control.

A typical user can generate requisitions that are then sent to a supervisor for approval. Users can also check on their current order status, saved orders as well as their current requisitions. If you utilize a budgeting process, FK-Online can display your current budget status as well.

A Supervisor has the ability to check outstanding orders, saved orders, requisitions, invoices and return goods authorizations. A supervisor can also edit and convert requisition’s to orders which are then sent directly to F.K. Machinery Ltd.

If you have your own part numbering system, you are able to use these numbers when ordering through FK-Online for added convenience. Your customer specific part numbers show up on all documentation generated by F.K. Machinery Ltd. for easy reference on quotes, orders, packing slips and invoices.

Managing company, departmental or individual budgets is easy with FK-Online. Budget information is displayed informing the user of their total budget, their purchases to date, the value of their outstanding orders, the value of their current order and the amount of budget they have left.

FK-Online customers determine the ‘basket of goods’ they wish to have their personnel access online. By limiting personnel to an approved set of goods, there is reduced ‘shopping’ for items that are not on contract. This is not only a cost savings in terms of time spent ordering, but also a safety issue where unapproved items cannot end up in your facility through this channel.

To avoid double entry, FK-Online can generate an electronic file which is sent and then imported into your ERP system.

Users can also print a .pdf copy of their order or requisition.

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