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Partnerships. Results.

As many industry segments are forced to reduce their operating costs through manpower and inventory reductions, they look to FK not only for their Maintenance, Repair and Operating (MRO) supplies, but also for FK to design and deliver cost saving solutions and services. This has led to many traditional customer relationships developing into partnerships.

These partnerships may involve FK making a financial investment in capital equipment, consigning inventory, and dedicating manpower to our partners operations. The commitment from both sides enables both companies to realize improved results.

Utilizing elements of our automated Vending and Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) programs, FK designs and implements custom solutions enabling partners to transfer most costs associated with owning and managing MRO supplies out of their operations to FK.

The cost saving results we deliver to our partners are attributable to the systematic processes, procedures and controls employed by FK. From our Certified Field Support Technicians to our Data and Inventory Control Team, FK drives hard costs out of the channel.

FK engages in actively looking for cost saving opportunities for our partners. Looking at product switch-outs, process improvements and safety improvements aimed at reducing costs has helped strengthen our relationships with our partners due to the results we are able to deliver.

Partnership portals provide visibility into consumption data as well as additional information to which our partners need access to. This transparency into our data has produced many significant cost saving results for our partners.