Bin Fill program results, overstocked

Our Vendor Managed Inventory Solution is NOT a bin fill system. Unlike many competitors, we take the time to actually manage your on-site requirements often supplying broken box quantities.

Our Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) program is designed to specifically address the unique needs of each customer. Using a consultative approach we are able to build a solution that meets your individual requirements.

Within a given customer there are often many individual departments as well as individual end-users. Our VMI program treats each department and end-user as an individual account tailoring the processes to suit their specific needs.

Overview of VMI:

Designed to suit customer specific requirements.

Primarily used to manage low value, high turn MROPSJ items. However we are also directly involved in managing many customer’s expensive cutting tools and production items.

Held inventory by the customer is reduced.

Set pricing, set products for the term of the agreement makes paperwork flow very efficiently through all departments.

Our Vendor Managed Inventory programs not only focus on MRO items but also on Safety Personal Protective Equipment (Safety PPE) items as well as Janitorial maintenance items such as mops, brooms, cleaners and paper goods.

Regularly scheduled visits by our Vendor Managed Inventory personnel ensure there are always appropriate levels of inventory on hand.

Benefits of VMI:

Create more time for the customer to attend to higher level issues.

Bin Fill program results, overstocked

Bin Fill program results, overstocked

Lower the customers total costs of ownership.

Ensure appropriate stocking levels are on hand at the customer’s facility.

Standardization of products where possible.

Reduced obsolescence / dead inventory.

Cost Savings realized by the Customer utilizing VMI:

Reduced time spent shopping for already market competitive items.

Reduced time spent (or eliminated) authorizing Purchase Orders for repeat MROPSJ items.

Reduced time spent (or eliminated) managing low value items.

Reduced time spent in Customer’s accounting process, i.e. easier account reconciliation.

Reduced time spent (or eliminated) receiving items and putting them away.

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