Documented Cost Savings

Our demonstrated ability to produce documented cost savings for our customer’s has enabled many of our customers to experience savings of over 10% per year on their related MROPSJ expenditures and usage.

Our business model enables our Account Managers to focus on adding value to our customers operations by working on cost saving projects for them. We consistently analyze the products being used by our customers looking for areas where they may be over spending on an item or items. We analyze their spending and then look to ensure the product being used isn’t ‘over engineered or under engineered’ for the application.

The following are just some of the questions our Account Managers ask on a regular basis as they look at ways of helping to reduce our customer’s total costs of MROPSJ ownership.

How can we help increase our customer’s revenues?

• production line change-out requirements

• output efficiencies from new technology

• time required to perform change-outs

• maintenance requirements

How can we reduce our customer’s costs relating to:

• storeroom supplies (reduce their held inventory)

• handling costs

• the space required to store products, both operational and production inventory

• back-up equipment

What options are available to us to help reduce the customer’s costs relating to:

• inventory management activities

• ordering activities

• receiving activities

• processing information

How can we help reduce our customer’s total expenditure for MROPSJ items?

• price paid

• price protection

• volume pricing

• freight / shipping costs

Can any of the following services be implemented to reduce our customer’s internal costs?

• product training

• technical support

• safety services

• methods / application training

• engineering support

We are also able to provide cost savings for customers through our many different supply solutions such as:

Vending Solutions

Vendor Managed Inventory Solutions

Customer Connect (FK-Online)


F.K. Machinery Ltd. also has the capability to provide detailed reports tailored to each specific customer or end-user to help them understand and control their spending and budgets. This element alone has enabled many of our customers to dramatically reduce their MROPSJ spending as they gained knowledge of where their money was going each month.