Custom Solutions & Services

Recognizing each customer has different business practices and needs, we do not attempt to fit everyone into the same ‘big box’ solution. F.K. Machinery deals with large international, national and regional manufacturing facilities as well as mid-size and smaller accounts. Working with each customer we are able to build a sustainable solution that provides a good fit and cost savings for both companies.

Each of our solutions is designed to address at least one or more of the elements in the total cost of MROPSJ ownership.

Our solutions will help you reduce your overall MROPSJ expenditure, reduce the amount of inventory you currently keep on hand, streamline your processes, and often help you increase your company’s revenue’s.

Each of our solutions listed below can be implemented as a stand-alone system or combined to give you the most benefit:

Vending Solutions

Vendor Managed Inventory Solutions

Customer Connect (FK-Online)

Documented Cost Savings